Meet Your Extended Family

At Six Villas, we take the time to get to know you. Our approach to service is one that combines thoughtfulness and professionalism delivered with a personal touch. Everything we do comes from the heart. From housekeeping, general maintenance to catering for special occasions, we’re here to make you feel at home and part of the family.

Jane Quast, United Kingdom

Jane Quast, United Kingdom

“To me, it is a haven oftranquility and peace and simplicity.”

Jane has lived in Sun Palm Village for 8 years. She chose to retire in Phuket because of Sun Palm Village, citing the personal care and involvement the staff show all residents. In her own words, she describes the experience as “totally amazing.” She likes how every resident is looked after 24 hours a day, and how it’s charming, peaceful and homely. On a personal note, she loves how Pu, the building manager is always ready to solve any issue. Not forgetting Tom and Thames, the son and daughter of the resort owners, who have been “enormously” kind and helpful. 


“Better than anywhere else.”

Before settling at Sun Palm Village, Calorine visited numerous other developments. She chose Sun Palm Village for its location, convenience and park which she describes as “better than anywhere else we had viewed”. One of her fondest moments at Sun Palm Village is seeing her granddaughter play in the garden outside her house. When asked how else she felt about Sun Palm Village, she simply said, “love Sun Palm”.

Ms. Calorine A. Millinson, United Kingdom

Jacqueline Hellen Kasman, Belgium

Jacqueline Hellen Kasman, Belgium

“Peaceful place to live my retirement life.”

I have chosen to live my retired life in Phuket since 10 years back because we love the people, the weather, and many more good things.   Sun Palm is a nice quiet Village.  Good security, peaceful environmentand the office is always ready to help.

“One of the greatest sources of happiness for me.”

Khun Dorris lives in Sun Palm Village. Originally from Germany, she now calls Sun Palm Village her home. In fact, she often feels homesick whenever she visits her family in Germany. She loves Sun Palm Village and believes that it will be her home for the rest of her life. She attributes this to her happy life at Sun Palm Village as well as being part of the small European community at Sun Palm Village whom she meets for lunch every Sunday.

Khun Dorris, Germany